Exercise, Drugs, and Art

Hey, sorry about the wait there.

I’m on a health grind right now. I’ll work up a sweat everyday and then hop in the shower. I’ve limited my alcohol/caffeine/fast-food intake to a couple times a week. Haven’t had any adderall in 2 months. I’m grocery shopping, getting wheat bread and eggs and almond milk and spinach leaves and strawberries and bananas. If I do go out it’s subway or chipotle. Never getting soda.

I usually work up a sweat by either skateboarding or dancing around in my room to my boombox. and by dancing I mostly just jump up and down with an imaginary jump rope. I’ll do 20 push-ups then get back up and keep jumping. 40 crunches then back up to jumping. I try to remember all the benefits of exercise, which has been said that if could be harnessed into a pill, would be the best-selling drug of all time. For the most part, it keeps me level-headed. Productive. Almost like a very mild, natural adderall.

Sometimes I worry if level-headedness and stability can make me less creative. Less interesting. Maybe that’s why most jock/meat-heads I’ve met aren’t that interesting. They’re consistently physical, always level-headed, always boring. They’re happy.

It’s been said that a lot of artists and comedians are depressed. Seems depression is a normal state of mind for creatives. A lot of legends, Louie CK, Jack White, Robin Williams, Heath, Phillip, the best are tortured.

Wonder why that is.

Then there’s the drug use thing. A lot of the best music of all time, in my opinion, came out of the 60′s and 70′s, classic rock, where everyone was experimenting. Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Doors, it goes on forever. All great bands, all did lots of drugs.

You wonder if ideas and art and the Gods of the Muse favor the druggies and drama queens.

What are your thoughts on this.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Provo, UT