Jonathan is this guy I met out in LA while filming with other Youtubers. He was their manager at the time. Last month they let him go for various reasons and he now lives with me here in Salt Lake (I had an extra bedroom). It’s been about 3 weeks now and we still don’t hate each other. The deal for now is he motivates me and helps build LAHWF in exchange for rent and a little groceries. Every morning he’ll come into my room and subtly wake me up, usually with news of whatever breakfast he’s making. He cooks a very lean, protein/vegetable-rich meal at least twice a day and we hardly ever eat out. He’s been making sure I go to my boxing class, film at least once a week, posting memes on the Facebook page regularly, etc. It’s honestly been great, this is just what I needed. We have the same objective: Happiness. It’s not so much about money or fame or world domination anymore. It’s about continually working in a teamwork format making at least enough money to keep doing what we’re doing and creating great things. You could say the ‘Team’ of LAHWF now includes Jonathan (manager/motivator), Josh(Filmer), and Myself(the Star). A big thing I learned/realized last year is that it’s lonely at the top. You can be greedy and keep trying to be better than others and be the best and win and all that, but it’s really all for nothing if you don’t have anyone to celebrate that with. My friends couldn’t care less if I come out with a viral video tomorrow. That kind of stuff is all fluff to them. It’s simply not interesting to your real friends. Friends are born, not made. Friends become friends because they naturally like being around them for no reason at all. It’s special <3.

As I get older I'm becoming a little more aware of the concept of Superficial or things that are 'On the Surface'. I'll keep discovering parallels with the spectrum of Fear and Love, Good and Evil, Long-term and short-term. You could sleep in today (short-term), and it feels so good for that moment, but you wake up and you're groggy and you didn't get anything done that day and now you don't feel so good, that 'goodness' was quick and it's gone now. You've been deceived. You could get up though before 10am, go work out, clean your room, practice the piano, and even though it wasn't too comfortable to do that at first, you're happy now and it's lasting a little longer and you're content for some reason, you're good, you're getting somewhere, progress.

We have two big white boards now in the main living room of my apartment. We brought out the table that has the printer/fax/scanner on it and it now looks like a real silicon-valley-esque-non-convential works space. We’ll bounce ideas off each other and pick out funny pictures for the Facebook page. He’s big into writing too, and regularly adds to Thought Catalog.

So anyway, I’m excited for the things we plan on doing for the rest of the year. You’ll start to see a little more consistency in all the areas of LAHWF, including this blog.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Salt Lake City, UT