About Reading

Sometimes after I read for a long time and then listen to some music, the music seems enhanced. Almost like I’m stoned. Does anyone else understand what I’m talking about? As if the action of reading something for long periods of time primes up some weird synapse in the brain that makes music just seem more wonderful than normal. Maybe it’s not the reading but the prolonged silence/meditation that accompanies it.

I once read somewhere that we only retain like 10% of everything we read, 50% of what we listen to, and 80% of what we watch. It was something like that. Why are teachers and parents always so pro-reading then if it’s not even the most effective way to learn or retain information?

I really don’t read that much. I’ll donate plasma just so it’ll force me to sit down and read something. Something in the back of my head tells me it’s just good to read. I bought a kindle. It’s nice, I like it. I’m still getting used to it. But ya, It’s the way of the future. I think it will replace books sooner or later. Trees will be saved. Books will be saved as well, we won’t need to carry around heavy, clunky books anymore, we’ll have 10,000 of them saved in the cloud forever.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Bountiful, UT