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I’m on a health grind right now. I’ll work up a sweat everyday and then hop in the shower. I’ve limited my alcohol/caffeine/fast-food intake to a couple times a week. Haven’t had any adderall in 2 months. I’m grocery shopping, getting wheat bread and eggs and almond milk and spinach leaves and strawberries and bananas. If I do go out it’s subway or chipotle. Never getting soda.

I usually work up a sweat by either skateboarding or dancing around in my room to my boombox. and by dancing I mostly just jump up and down with an imaginary jump rope. I’ll do 20 push-ups then get back up and keep jumping. 40 crunches then back up to jumping. I try to remember all the benefits of exercise, which has been said that if could be harnessed into a pill, would be the best-selling drug of all time. For the most part, it keeps me level-headed. Productive. Almost like a very mild, natural adderall.

Sometimes I worry if level-headedness and stability can make me less creative. Less interesting. Maybe that’s why most jock/meat-heads I’ve met aren’t that interesting. They’re consistently physical, always level-headed, always boring. They’re happy.

It’s been said that a lot of artists and comedians are depressed. Seems depression is a normal state of mind for creatives. A lot of legends, Louie CK, Jack White, Robin Williams, Heath, Phillip, the best are tortured.

Wonder why that is.

Then there’s the drug use thing. A lot of the best music of all time, in my opinion, came out of the 60′s and 70′s, classic rock, where everyone was experimenting. Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Doors, it goes on forever. All great bands, all did lots of drugs.

You wonder if ideas and art and the Gods of the Muse favor the druggies and drama queens.

What are your thoughts on this.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Provo, UT

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Tim Ferriss Thu, 07 Aug 2014 09:10:54 +0000 lahwf Almost forgot about this quick interview I did with Tim Ferriss back in April after doing some Hugging People in San Fran. He’s definitely one of my most influential teachers. I’ve read 4-hour Work Week about 6 times now, skimming through it every few months letting it rub off on me as much as possible. Jonathan had the connection and e-mailed him asking if he wanted to film something and surprisingly he wrote back and agreed to meet up for a few hours. I was thrilled.

After the interview we waited for a few minutes for his ride to come pick him up to go to a meeting. I asked him one more question out of the blue right before he took off:
“so, how do you stay motivated?”
It took him about 3 seconds to respond,
“I surround myself with motivated people. I’m a strong believer that you’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.”
Then I asked something like,
“What about my childhood friends or family that aren’t into Youtube, should I just hang out with them less?”
and I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was something like,
“You’ll always be held back by people that aren’t like-minded and trying to do the same things as you. I’m not trying to be a douche it’s just the truth. Obviously you shouldn’t stop being friends but definitely hang out less if you want to move forward.”
That’s a big reason I’ve decided to move out to L.A. this fall. Going to VidCon this year was eye-opening, meeting all the different Youtubers, visiting with fans. It was a completely different attitude towards Youtube. Everyone was so excited and all for it. It’s definitely still a sub-culture. After meeting everyone(including Jenna Marbles who was actually a fan of my videos and took a picture with me, posting it on her instagram which was shocking) I felt it was finally time to take the leap and join the community. I’ll probably be all settled out there by mid-October as I still need to finish up some random things here in Utah first.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Salt Lake City, UT

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Breaking My Ankle Fri, 11 Jul 2014 23:28:52 +0000 lahwf Waking up sometime after 2pm, I usually start my day by putting on pants and heading straight to the skatepark. I like to get a sweat going before taking a shower, it’s good for the pores and skin. On this particular day as I get out of the car, there’s two BMXers chilling in the shade. I never talk to anyone at the skatepark, what’s the point? I have enough friends and small talk is so boring. I’ll just put on my headphones and go into my own trance and rhythm. At this point in my life there’s an addictive quality to standing on a skateboard. My mind goes into ‘play’ mode and I’m forced into being a kid again. With the shuffle playing and myself just cruising comfortably around the park, it’s harder for my mind to produce goblin thoughts. I’ll go around and around the park doing the same things mostly just riding, nothing technical, skateboarding was after all invented by the “sidewalk surfers” of the 60s. As I get older it’s harder to put in the time to learn new tricks. Learning a new trick isn’t the fun part, being able to land them consistently is, that’s the reward. I’ve been content with the same bag of tricks since I was 16, my prime, not really adding much to it. On this particular day though, as I launched up this hip-to-flat, something I’ve done a thousand times, I suddenly felt my