First Video Contest


1. 1-3 min long
2. Needs to be filmed this week, uploaded after the contest video
3. “LAHWF Contest” needs to be in the title
4. No harming anyone physically or emotionally; explain what you’re doing afterword, get permission, be polite
5. Needs to be Family Friendly
6. Due This Saturday, December 1st, 2012 at 12am, Mountain Time, (Provo, UT)
7. No copyrighted material (music/movies) (GarageBand loops are ok)

You can do any language you want, just do English subtitles. (You’re not required to talk in the videos). You don’t need to use any of my ideas unless you want to. Winner get’s $1,000, I’ll pay you through Paypal(don’t enter the contest if you can’t do Paypal). Winner will also get some publicity (views) on their video. Post your entries as a video response to the Contest video above and I’ll approve all the ones that qualify and are compliant with the rules.

Have Fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Provo, UT
**************UPDATE: WINNING ENTRY: Great Job guys :)