High on Life

So that should blow up. Might as well write a new blog post. Too excited to sleep anyway.

If this gets past a million and next week’s video get’s over a million, then that’s a hat trick. :) Pressure’s on…

I wanted talk about a new attitude I have on work and collaborations and how they’re not just recommended, they’re the rule. With Youtube and with life. I love this quote from Devin Graham’s blog:

“I feel in order for YouTubers, musicians, brands, companies and creatives in general to get to the next level, they MUST work together in a collaboration. As each party helps each other, they both grow exponentially.”

and here’s another from my Whatever friend Brian in a Facebook conversation, which isn’t as epic, but’s relevant: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s so boring, you’ve heard it a million times, but I’m gonna type it all right for you now anyway. The best things in life are free and they aren’t things. They’re people. The things that make us happy, like real sustained, deep, spiritual happiness, are people. The relationships we have with ourselves, friends, and family. And Success? You never arrive. No matter how far you’ve come or how much stuff you’ve attained or things you’ve done and places you’ve been and the reputation you’ve built and things you’ve achieved? You’ll always end up getting bored if don’t keep going. Work is mandatory. Things are infinite. Time is weird. Ready? Here’s a quote I coined:

True happiness lies in continually working at something meaningful to you with the people you love.

There, I just thought of that.

I honestly used to think this way:

“Ok, just make enough videos and make enough money and get the house.”

Looking back at that kind of paradigm is depressing. What an illusion. Mysteries of the universe, illusions, deceiving us all around.

Moderation in all things. Balance. Work, Play, People, love, evolve.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales
Salt Lake City, UT